Love Your Skin

Each season, each month, comes bearing their own antiquities, quirks and vibes that are specific to them.

January, for instance is the month of self-motivation and discipline. It’s when the air stays fragrant with the ideas of New Year resolutions; where people push themselves a little more each day to achieve what they had their eyes on for so long.

Then comes February: the month of love. The winds get less chilly and fog turns into mist. The perfect time to take a vow with yourself to be your own before you become anybody else’s. By this, we mean, celebrate February as a month to re-build your connection with yourself.

Love yourself; value yourself; celebrate yourself. 

With Valentine’s day just around the corner, what could be a better time of the year to prep yourself up? Why not treat yourself to our Cliniccare, Amalian and Cebelia aesthetic skincare collection?

Indulging in good skincare is the perfect way to treat yourself. For Valentine’s Day, before you make plans with the love of your life, we recommend you go on a date with yourself first. Treat yourself with a present – an assortment of luxury skincare products that you know would work for you and would serve you well. Then pour yourself a glass of champagne; draw a bath with soft bubbles and spa salts; put on a Cliniccare mask ; coat your hair with our Elyssa Cosmetiques Magic Hair treatment – this, there is how you do a valentine’s day right.

And, if you need any recommendations as in what would be some good skincare picks for a fabulous February retreat, browse our site.



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